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Sewing for Christmas

One month to go, and the first Christmas markets will already have opened and be ready for business. That makes me dream of little wooden sheds, bratwurst and lebkuchen  (Oh, I can nearly smell them already). And also of snowflakes falling silently to the ground covering and shushing everything it touches with its dazzling sparkling peaceful mass of pure whiteness. And not to forget! Half-frozen hands in snug in wooly gloves holding on tight to steaming hot mugs of glühwein.


I took this shot passing it by on a tourist bus in Vienna.

Shopfront in Vienna.

Anyway… This post is meant to be about sewing. Am I an expert in sewing? Nope. Truth to be told, I am a true novice in this field. But, as I am someone who loves trying out new things, I feel quite confident and can’t wait to get going with this one. The sewing machine is set up, needle and thread are waiting to be engaged, textiles are selected and ready to be cut into shapes and sewn together to form new creations.

It’s definetly gonna be fun. I will start with small things and appropriate to the upcoming season they will be christmasy items like stars and maybe angels, and who knows what else. Once the creativity flows, it’ll take on its own life. So! Watch the space!


Getting started

Weihnachten nähert sich in Riesenschritten, und meiner kreativen Natur juckt es in den Fingern: Sterne, Engel, Karten. Nähen, töpfern, drucken. Stoff, Ton, Papier. Kann es nicht erwarten, zu beginnen.

Christmas is approaching fast, and it gets my creativity going: stars, angels, cards. Sewing, sculpting, printing. Textiles, Clay, Paper. Can’t wait getting started.